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Plugin Ecarte Pour Jomsocial

Plugin Ecarte Pour Jomsocial
Site de l'auteur http://www.jeuxcoquins.net
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  • Dernière mise à jour: 26 septembre 2012
  • Taille: 4.69 KB
  • Version: 1.0
  • Auteur: JeuxCoquins
  • License: GPL
  • Compatible: Windows Linux avec Wine MacOS avec WineBottle MacOS Linux
  • Téléchargé: 1715

Plugin pour Jomsocial 2.6 sous Joomla 2.5 permettant d'envoyer une photo de l'album par mail avec une mot.

Les champs email et nom réservés à l'utilisateur se remplissent automatiquement mais reste modifiable

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  • same problem as above won't install

    0 J'aime
  • Ok, I've seen the problem and solved it, Just download the new version and install it...

    0 J'aime
  • thank you installed had the same problem with your other plugin calandar did you make the same changes to it?

    0 J'aime
  • doesn't actually send the photo tried entering the email address didnt sent tried the user name didnt send.

    0 J'aime
  • In ecarte.php, verify the path in the end of file, for my site, this is image/photos/$user§$albumid

    0 J'aime
  • it loads the photo and populates the senders information but for the receiver i tried the email address and user name nothing sent.

    0 J'aime
  • I figured it out you had this code commented out with /* tags i removed the /* and */ all is good now.

    $body ='


    0 J'aime
  • Invité - Gurdip

    I installed your plugin on Jomsocial 2.6.2 on J2.5 and enabled it. But I do not see any option to send an ecard in my Jomsocial Photo area. Appreciate your help.

    0 J'aime
  • The plugin appear in your profil area when you've just add this app. it's ok for you ? ;)

    0 J'aime
  • Invité - Gurdip

    En réponse à: Super User

    Hi. Thanks, yes it does - was looking in the Photos section earlier. I also had to remove the comments on the Body as mentioned by someone here. Now the only thing left is that it does not display a success message. Any idea why?

    0 J'aime
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